Like Romario, Ronaldinho and Messi, Neymar Deserves play in Barca

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Like Romario, Ronaldinho and Messi, Neymar Deserves play in Barca
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Barcelona again expressed interest in Neymar. Despite claims could not do much until the player's contract runs out in 2014, called the Brazilian Sandro Rosell was worth continuing the tradition of the best players that play at the Camp Nou.

Until now believed to be still going strong tug between Barcelona to Real Madrid in a bid to get Neymar. The player itself is now legally registered as belonging to Santos, with a contract that will expire in 2014.

In his latest statement, Barca president Sandro Rosell again a strong indication that the club was interested in the 21-year footballer. Personally he saw something different with Neymar, which makes it worthy of being in Barcelona to continue the tradition of great players who've been there.

"As a football fan was obvious that something was different with him. Him like Romario, Ronaldinho, Maradona, Messi ... players who have been here and got a great appreciation," said Rosell on the club's official website.

"He's Santos player until 2014 and as president, I do not have anything else associated with it to be disclosed," said Rosell.

Barcelona had reportedly reached an initial agreement with Neymar to be able to sign him in 2014. But until now there is no confirmation from both parties on the matter.

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